Aksyon Oro Mismo, Sandigan ng Mamamayan

Aksyon Oro Mismo, Sandigan ng Mamamayan

Naka isang taon na nga ang Aksyon Oro Mismo sa DZBB at Padami ng Padami ang kanilang natutulungan sa pakikinig ko araw-araw sa kanilang programa natuto ako at nagkakaroon ng ideya kung paano haharapin ang problema kung mangyari man sa akin. malaking tulong talaga sila sa mamamayan dakila at responsable sila ...

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Watch Pinoy Cine Klasika Hosted by Kuya Germs

Watch Pinoy Cine Klasika Hosted by Kuya Germs

There is a good news for the young ones, we will now have the opportunity to watch the classic pinoy movies that produced by Sampaguita Pictures during 1960s. The Master Showman, Kuya Germs will be the Host of the upcoming show in QTV starting April 4. The show will be ...

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Why I don’t have a blog post about Typhoon Ondoy/Ketsana ?

Why I don't have a blog post about Typhoon Ondoy/Ketsana ?

Last September 26, 2009 the  rain is very unusual that morning. As I drink my coffee I open our window in the second floor of our house to see the outside and I noticed that the water in Tanay River is slowly rising. I quickly tell my parents about it and ...

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Juan for all all for juan visits Tanay, Rizal

Juan for all all for juan visits Tanay, Rizal

December 2, 2010 -Binisita ng "Juan for all, all for juan, Sugod Bahay sa Barangay " ng Eat Bulaga ang Bayan ng Tanay, Rizal sa Barangay Tandang Pinagkamaligan. Nabigyan ng ilang papremyo ang ilang masuerteng kalahok sa programa sa pangunguna ni Jose Manalo at Wally Bayola kasama si Paolo Ballesteros ...

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The Ups and Down in blog commenting

We all know that blog commenting was still used as one method to gain traffic and backlinks. Some linkbuilder/SEO spend their time in blog commenting for a whole day or for whole week and some have backlinks mostly from blog commenting.

On this post we will discussed the ups and down in Blog Commenting and we will determine the main cause of it.

The Ups

In the first week after you start your blog commenting campaign you will noticed the rapid growth of your backlinks for example your previews backlinks count was 50 and week after it is now 1,000 back links. I am sure you are in heaven that time.

The Down

After  weeks to one month you will noticed the rapid decreasing of your backlinks count and it’s irritating, right?

Why it was happening?

If you will noticed some blogs have a recent comment widget or Top Commentators widget located sometimes in the sidebar of the blog. After you leave a comment on a blog and it was approve by the owner your comment or your name (containing your link) will appear either on the recent comment widget or top commentators widget and It will appear in the whole blogsite And once it was placed their for two to five days it can easily crawl by the search engine and it can easily count as a backlinks.

For example your comment(containing your link) was approve on a blog that have a ten pages in the net. After a day or week all this ten pages will add to your number of backlinks because your links was present in the whole blogsite  But after a day or week some readers will comment on the blogsite that you used in blogcommenting method and the chance of getting out of the Top Commentators/Recent Comments widget is high. And once you comment was kick-out in one of this widget this will trigger the rapid decreasing number of your backlinks because the search engine will no longer found your link in the said widgets.

Like most SEO professionals said do not focused too much in one link building method only there are a many methods you can used for your project.

This are based on my personal experienced no source.

Your comments or suggestions are welcomed.

Thanks for reading!

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